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4EU+ Incoming students

Information about visiting periods and general administrative and information contacts at the University of Milan are available in International Mobility – Incoming Students.

Courses offered to 4EU+ Students in the area of the Flagship 3 – Information and Communication Technologies:

These courses include ICT disciplines on science, technology and applications offered by the Department of Computer Science as well as several other related and application disciplines offered by other Departments.

For more detailed information on courses, please visit the link in the above table. Courses are planned to be offered in physical presence in the classrooms. If health safety constraints will not allow for physical presence, courses may be offered in streaming and/or recorded and exam given remotely by electronic media.

 For any additional question concerning the educational content, feel you free to contact the Delegate for International Activities of the Department of Computer Science (prof. Davide Rocchesso, ). For administrative questions, please contact the Erasmus office at the page given above.

Various courses at MS level can be taken also at undergraduate level (feel you free to contact the Erasmus Coordinator of the Department of Computer Science to check if you have enough background knowledge).

Special focus on Artificial Intelligence: Science, Technologies, and Applications

Among the above courses, the ones which are more focused on the area of Artificial Intelligence, both from the theoretical and application points of view are listed below.